Wake up those taste buds at Scrambled Diner

My BFF Michelle and I have been getting together on occasion for breakfast for a few years now. We met on the first day of kindergarten for our second-born children. It was the first year the school was offering full-day kindergarten, but there was also a half-day option. So, the first day, I went to pick up my son at lunchtime and I met Michelle. She and I were the ONLY two moms out of about more than 50 to opt for the half-day option. We became instant friends. Those little boys that were just beginning kindergarten are now 12-year-old young men going into 7th grade. Michelle's a sweetheart...warm, compassionate, creative...and like me, she likes to eat. We got into this routine of meeting once in a while at Baker's Square for breakfast. We usually order the same thing -- veggie crepes for her, crepes Lorraine for me.

Recently, she told me about a spot in Dyer, Indiana called the Scrambled Diner. She raved about the monkey cakes, which are a giant platter of pancakes with bananas, peanut butter and bacon. It's huge enough for two, easily. We went there last week for breakfast. Since I'm not big on sweet stuff for breakfast, I passed on the monkey cakes, even though they sound and look scrumptious. Instead I opted for a ham, cheese & pepper omelet with bacon and hash browns at the suggestion of another diner who said we HAD to try the bacon and gave the omelet a thumbs up. Here's a look at what I had. The picture doesn't really show what the portions are like. The omelet was huge. I barely finished half. Took home the other half and my hubby enjoyed it for lunch.

Michelle had a skillet. A veggie one, I think. No, I'm sure it was a veggie one. She always eats her veggies.

We dined outside on a pleasant weekday morning. I'd definitely return again. The menu said the sausage is homemade -- and I peeked at another diner's plate and it looked delish!!! Also, homemade hot sauce and homemade ketchup. Lots of tasty breakfast options. The place is breakfast/lunch only and closes early afternoon. Also, be sure to bring cash. No credit cards. 


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