Foodie blogs provide inspiration

I've had so much fun diving into the world of food blogging. I've had a blog on motherhood for quite some time and have been a freelance writer for over a decade. It was this past spring, when my sister, Becky, had a cooking party at her house that I realized that the two of us are "foodies." We love to cook, to love to dine out, we love to try new recipes -- we basically love food. So, we started in with Chicago Foodie Sisters, posting as time permits and having been more active on Facebook than on the blog, but eventually we hope to make the blog posts more frequent.

I also have enjoyed following other foodie blogs. I didn't realize what huge food blogging network there was out there until another of our sisters, Pam, started "liking" lots of foodie pages on Facebook and urged us to do the same. I love logging on each day to find recipe ideas from others -- sometimes they're not far, sometimes they're across the country and other times they are on the other side of the world -- an indication of how far the "foodie" world stretches.  I continue to be inspired every day by the other "foodies" out there.