In search of Tim Tams

It's fun to have international visitors and to meet teenagers from around the world who my sister has hosted as foreign exchange students. Through them I've been introduced to some interesting things - like Marzipan, Pocky sticks, Ritter Sport and Veggie Mite. Oh, and a delicious cookie called Tim Tams. An Australian friend of my sister brought them to a party last summer and I fell in love. I'm told that they can be found on store shelves in the U.S. I found that Tim Tams have a Facebook page and are made by Pepperidge Farms and are available in the U.S. from October through March. That doesn't give me much time to locate them. Anyone seen them anywhere? :) 


  1. I want one. I am travelling to Florida in March. Wonder if they`ll still be on sale.


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