Return of the panini maker

Last year I picked up a panini maker at Aldi on clearance for like $15. I used it all the time when I first got it. But, you know how it goes...the novelty wears off and it gets placed out of sight in the pantry and you quit using it. Kind of like a toy that a little kid gets for Christmas. Well, my old toy is seeing a revival.

My biggest hang up is that I don't want to make a panini unless I have some really good bread to use. One favorite of mine is this:

So, I've been using it to make my favorite panini - Rare roast beef, a light white cheese (this time it was Monterey Jack, but Munchee and Brick work well, too) with horseradish mayo spread on it.

And I've been making ham and cheese or just cheese ones for the kids. I'll have to run out for more deli meat and some hearty breads. My mind is really going now. Turkey and gouda with sliced apples, ham and muenster with honey mustard, pepperoni, mozzarella and pesto. Mmmmmmmmmm. What's your favorite panini?