A brownie mix worth the $10 price tag

Brownies are my weakness. Any other type of sweet treat I can pass up easily - ice cream, cookies, cake, candy, cupcakes, pies. But when it comes to brownies, I will scarf them down like there's no tomorrow. And then probably lick the plate. And I'm not really picky. A box of $1.79 brownie mix from Aldi is what I usually use when I'm craving brownies. They are fudgy and bake perfectly and make a good base if you want to add extras, like nuts or sprinkles or chips or caramel. 

Recently, my friend, Erica, had a Dove Chocolate Discoveries party so I popped in to see what was in the catalog. My eyes fixed immediately on the Truffle Fudge brownie mix. I think one box was $12.99, but a two pack was $20. I figured there couldn't be any brownie that could justify a price of $10 for a box mix that made one 8 X 8 inch pan. I figured I may get 9 brownies out a little pan. That's $1.10 each for brownies you have to bake yourself!   I was very pleasantly surprised when I made them -- with a full stick of melted butter and some eggs -- that they were this awesome. In the mix was a pack of Dove chocolate chips that were soooo good they almost didn't make it into the batter.

Each piece really did taste like a piece of fudge. And because it's so rich, I cut them as small as I would a chunk of fudge and they went a long way. I'll never doubt the power of a Dove brownie mix again!