Deviled eggs served up on a family heirloom

Deviled eggs have always been a family favorite. Our family get-togethers have to include a plate of deviled eggs or someone is sure to notice it is missing. Somehow I ended up with a wonderful family heirloom that makes it out for those family get-together where deviled eggs are served. It was passed down to me and used to belong to my father's mom, Vivian. It sits in my kitchen most of the time on a high shelf with the other priceless plates I've accumulated. 

A pink Depression glass bowl from my husband's maternal grandmother. 
A plate with a photo of the Brandenburg gate that was a wedding gift from my husband's German paternal grandmother and aunt. 
A handmade dish with Victorian ladies painted on it that was made by my Aunt Ramona. 
A relish dish, also from my paternal grandmother. 
And a flowered plate from my maternal grandmother. It's quite a collection. 

And I'm often afraid to use the plates for fear of breaking something so irreplaceable (only my husband's maternal grandmother is still living.) However, the deviled egg plate is the one piece that gets taken and used. A family get-together wouldn't be the same without it.