What's for dinner? Pasta and those round meat things

Ok, unless you have sons, you may not get this post. Well, if you have brothers, you may, too.

I have five sons. There are certain food words that just can't be said in my house without roars of laughter following. You know, like "nuts." 

It goes something like this. 
Me: "Do you want a brownie with nuts in it?"
12-year-old: Giggles. "Ha! You said nuts!" More giggles.
8-year-old: Giggles. "No, you said it!" More giggles.
10-year-old: Giggles. "Said what?"
8-year-old: "Nuts." 
10-year-old: Hysterical laughter. "Ha! You said nuts!"
17-year-old: "No, you said it."
It goes on like this for far too long. All over a simple little food word.

It's gotten so bad that I no longer refer to meatballs and "meatballs." They are round meat things. Why? I think you get the idea.