Deviled eggs: simple and satisfying

My husband and a couple of my boys are very fond of deviled eggs. I make them mostly on special occasions or for holiday get-togethers, but once in a while, I'll boil a few eggs and tell the boys that if they peel them for me, I'll make them into deviled eggs. They are usually game.

Recently I made up this batch. I always top mine with paprika. This time I had some special paprika to use - my sister brought it back from her trip to Hungary. :)

I've made deviled eggs various ways over the years, sometimes experimenting with different ingredients, but the basic one are mayonaise and mustard and sometimes that's all I use. That's all I used here - mayo, yellow mustard and some spicy brown mustard. And I got no complaints.

Another thing I love about having deviled eggs is that I get to use a plate that is super special to me. It belonged to my grandmother, who died about 30 years old in her early 80's. It was given to me by my aunt when I was first married. When I made eggs this last time, I told the kids about the plate and about their great-grandmother. Once I thought hard about it, I figured that the plate is probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 or 80 years old...maybe even older. My dad said it's possible his mom even got it from her mother!