A visual trip back to Toro

I've been cleaning out my digital photo files and finding pics that didn't make it into the blog previously, so I'm popping in some oldies, but goodies here and there. These pics are from August of last year, when our friend, Rui (my sister's former foreign exchange student from Japan) came to visit. We went to a Cubs game on her birthday and on the way, stopped for sushi at Toro. Great spot! Small, but inviting and awesome food (great California rolls, tasty miso soup and amazing tempura veggies) and a lively staff. Here's a little visual of our trip.

And here's our buddy, Rui

Foodie Sister Carrie (on left), Rui, and sister, Jennifer.


  1. Where is it located because those pics made me hungry for sushi? Since it a holiday week-end I might check it out.

  2. So sorry! Address is helpful, isn't it? :) 2546 North Clark Street Chicago, IL


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