The Twilight Party

So, Becky, the other half of the Chicago Foodie Sisters is a big fan of Harry Potter and Twilight and often has these themed viewing parties at her house. I was sorting through pics today and came across these from a Twilight Party she had around this time last year.

I had never seen any of the movies and in preparation of the party read the first book and part of the second. I don't read much fiction. When I find time to read, I usually enjoy biographies, but I got hooked in on the Twilight series pretty quickly. So, now I'm all caught up and am looking forward to the release of the final movie next month.

Becky always puts out a nice spread for her parties and has decor to match the theme. So, here's a look:

 I still can't decide if I'm team Edward or team Jacob. :)


And Becky often orders Nancy's Pizza for get-togethers at her house, which always excites me because it's super yummy and there's no a location on the south side near me. 

And here's the Chicago Foodie Sisters! :)