Bottom's Up

Last week I was at the Lansing Public Library for the Chamber of Commerce luncheon. I was the guest speaker for the day, talking about the benefits of having a Facebook page for your business. Even with all the redesigns and alternations that have driven me insane and the fact that you now have to pay to make your posts visible to everyone who likes your page, Facebook is still a valuable tool that allows for free advertising and any business owner would be a fool to pass up that opportunity.

When I got done speaking I went over to check out the food and was excited to find one of my very favorite dishes, chicken picatta. I am absolutely crazy about capers! So, I grabbed a plate and got a serving, along with some salad and pasta. You'll have to excuse the photo, it had cooled off by the time I got to it, so it's not the best image, but it tasted wonderful!!! 

When I asked about the caterer I found out that it's from a local restaurant/pub called Bottom's Up. I have driven by the place, literally hundreds of times over the years (it's along the route I drove to work for about 10 years.) But, somehow, I had never been in there. I'm not really a hang-out-in-a-bar kind of person. Twenty years ago, I, not so much. So, since I'd never been there, I didn't even realize that they have a pretty extensive menu. I peeked at the website and found out that there are also daily specials and everything sounds great. I was also told that the owners of this place also own White Rhino in Dyer, which I love. So, I know have a new spot to check out next time I'm heading out for lunch close to home.

Bottoms Up Bar and Grill
1696 Thornton-Lansing Road
(708) 418-3877