Everest adds Scottish grouse to holiday menu

Wild game is found often on the menu at fine dining establishments. However, there's one delicacy that comes from Scotland that you're not likely to see on menus in Chicago - grouse. The rich and flavorful delicacy is one of the most sought-after wild game birds in the world and for a limited time, you'll find it on the menu at Everest Restaurant in Chicago. Served up by Chef Joho, who normally is dedicated to using locally sourced ingredient, the Scottish grouse is an exception to his rule.

Each year, luxury restaurants and hotels in Scotland vie for the opportunity to add the rare wild bird to its menu and only a limited number are shipped overseas, which makes Scottish grouse one of the most rare and expensive delicacies you'll find this holiday season.

Chef Joho's dish offering is Crepinette of Wild Grouse roasted in Alsace Cabbage. To try Scottish grouse before it disappears from the menu, call for reservations at 312-663-8930 or visit www.everestrestaurant.com.