Had a delicious time at Bloggy Boot Camp

Last weekend my friend, Jen, and I attended the Bloggy Boot Camp at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago. It was an awesome conference jam packed with info. for bloggers. Of course, you know that I had to post something about the food!

The last conference I attended included lunch, which was a box lunch. It was held on a college campus and although it was very good for a box lunch, I knew that this event at the Hyatt would go beyond a wrap and some chips in a cardboard box...and I was right.  

When we arrived, there was a spread of bagels, croissants and muffins. Later, we went down the hall to a separate banquet room for lunch, where we started with a salad of mixed greens with a nice vinaigrette. And some rolls. But I must admit, I was eyeing the cheesecake from the moment we sat down. :)


The lunch entree was chicken breasts in a demi-glace with seasoned rice and broccoli and peppers. The chicken was tender and the portion was generous. I had to stop myself early on to leave some room for that cheesecake I mentioned. At lunch, we had assigned seating, to encourage us to meet some new people. So, Jen and I separated and went to our assigned tables.  I got seated with a lovely group - a couple food bloggers, a organization blogger, a couple beauty bloggers. I sat next to Natalia from MaNouvelleMode.com, an absolutely stunning young lady who recently moved back to the states after living in France for a few years with her basketball player husband and her two sons. On the other side was Crystal Maleski from MakeDinnerEasy.com. I love her meal planning tips and ideas.

After the conference concluded, we hung out for a cocktail party afterwards. The appetizer buffet included sushi, cheeses, prosciutto, asparagus, squash and peppers.

I found this in the swag bag when I got home, provided by one of the sponsors, Happy Family. The Happy Tot pouches are really aimed at a younger group, but my 9-year-old devoured the fruit sauce pouches. They'd make a great item for lunchtime at school - no spoon needed!