Kenny's Ribs

I usually pack two meals for my husband before he heads off for work - one for lunch and one for dinner for his long shifts at the firehouse. He doesn't order out very often and eats whatever I pack - which is sometimes a sandwich or soup or sometimes leftovers from the meal the night before.

A couple weeks ago he was working on a Saturday and I hadn't packed him anything, so while out running errands I stopped at Kenny's Ribs in Lansing to pick up something to drop off for him. I knew I couldn't go wrong with anything on the menu. I'd picked up carry-out from the location only once or twice, but everything was finger lickin' good and I knew my husband would like anything on the menu. So, I got him a 1/3 slab dinner with fries and bread for $7.99. As I waited, I was asked if I wanted a sample. I tried the greens, which were dynamite!!! I totally wanted to sample the macaroni and cheese, too, but I was able to control my greedy tummy and decided to wait until next time.

My husband is lucky his meal made it to him because it smelled sooooo good sitting next to me in the car!

You can also dine in as there are a few tables and I should have paid better attention to the sign about the buffet. That might be worth a try sometime. But, if you go, get some greens!!! And if you try the mac and cheese, let me know how it was. :)

Kenny's Ribs
16825 Torrence Ave.
Lansing, IL