Not so pretty, but oh so tasty

I have a couple deviled egg fans in my house and as soon as I finish making them, they disappear from the plate. So, I don't bother making them look perfect. They never last long enough to look at. In fact, I was lucky to get this shot. I had to slap hands away to take it.

There are so many ingredients that you can add to deviled eggs. I have used red wine vinegar, tobasco sauce, pimentos, pickle juice, bacon bits. But sometimes, I just want to go with a simple taste, like I did with this batch.

I'm terrible about measurements, so I'm not even going to guess on this. Just add to get the taste and consistency you desire.

Just four ingredients went into these:
boiled eggs

I'm lucky that I have this little tin of awesome paprika that my sis brought me back when she visited Hungary late last year. I use it every time I make deviled eggs. Sometimes I use a combo of yellow mustard and spicy mustard. I happened to be out of spicy mustard when I made these, so I used only yellow.