Thanksgiving Dinner

Every year my side of the family has gotten together on Thanksgiving Day…but that tradition ended this year. Some years we were all there, other years there have been some missing ~ one heading to an in-law’s or one away at school or in bed with the flu, but there was always a good number of us there. When we were younger, it was hosted at Mom & Dad’s. Later my older sister hosted it for many years. Last year, one of my younger sisters hosted it. It’s the one holiday I’ve never done. I’ve hosted Christmas, Easter and lots of summer barbecues. Turkey just isn’t my thing. I have no desire to dig my hand inside a bird. Yuk! I tried it once. Never again. Now it’s only turkey breasts for me.
This year, everyone was off spending the holiday with their in-laws, so there was no get-together on Thanksgiving. I spent the day with my kids since hubby was working a 24-hour shift. I know I shouldn’t complain – there are military families separated for months and who miss many holidays and important events in their families’ lives. I’ll just be happy when hubby moves far enough up the seniority list that he will finally be able to take a vacation day instead of working Thanksgiving or Christmas...and by then our kids won't be little anymore.
We stopped over to have a meal with my in-laws. Since my father-in-law is going through chemo and radiation, we wanted to bring something he liked and would feel like eating — so it ended up being fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls from the deli at a local grocery store. He prefers KFC, but I tried three different locations, which were all closed. 
I was glad we were able to visit with my in-laws, but I really missed seeing my side of the family. And...I know the day isn't all about the food, but boy, what I would give right now for a plate of turkey and stuffing and noodles and mashed potatoes and gravy and corn and pumpkin pie.