The Hershey Store

So, last week on a trip to Chicago we did a little shopping. I practically left the city in a sugar coma after having some gelato at the John Hancock Observatory, trying Frango Mints at Macy's and bringing home a big cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

While walking from the car, we passed a Ghirardelli, which I didn't go inside because I knew I wouldn't be able to resist the goodies. The kids, however, saw the Hershey's store and insisted we check it out. 

The store pretty much has the basic Hershey candies that you can find in any grocery store, but they also have bigger versions that you won't find elsewhere, like this 5 pound Hershey bar. Holy cow!!! It would take me months to eat the whole thing.

My middle guy wanted to get these - One whole pound of peanut butter cups. 

As we exited, the horse buggies were parked outside the Water Tower. I told the boys that when their dad proposed to me at a downtown restaurant, we went for a buggy ride afterwards. :)