Marinated grilled chicken breasts

This is one of those easy dishes that almost seems silly to post about, but it's too good not to.

Put 5 or 6 raw chicken breasts in a Ziplock bag and add 1/2 to 3/4 of a bottle of Italian salad dressing. Seal and put in refrigerator overnight. The longer it sits the more flavorful it will be. If you can leave it in for a full 24-hours, that's what I recommend.

Put chicken breasts on a hot grill and sprinkle with a little pepper and seasoning salt and pour some of the remaining dressing from the bag over the top.

These are great served with a side of lemon rice and some broccoli or fresh green beans. And it's even better if it sits in the fridge for another day after cooking. Cut some thin slices and put on some Italian bread with spinach and some havarti cheese and put it in the panini maker. OMG....soooo good! :)