Dad's birthday lunch at Olive Garden

Dad and I like to get together for lunch. He always orders the same thing - soup and salad with iced tea. Sometimes I do the same and sometimes I decide to get an entrée and have soup with it. Because I don't care much for Italian dressing, I don't really eat the salad when I go there.
This time I decided to get an entrée. I figured I could always take it home if I didn't eat it. Yep, that's what happened. I filled up on soup and never even got to my entrée, apricot chicken.
I love all the Olive Garden Soups. Well, I don't think I've ever actually tried the minestrone, but the others are delish. My favorite is a tie - chicken gnocchi and pasta fagioli. The zuppa tuscana is also very good, just a little spicy for me.

And don't get me started on the breadsticks. I could eat a whole basket all by myself. :)

This was my entrée. I've had it before and loved it. It inspired me to make apricot chicken on my own at home. Loved the veggies too - broccoli and asparagus - two of my favorites.

And here's the birthday boy - looking mighty good for double 7's. :)