Food at the Oudoors Show

Last week, hubby, the boys and I went to the 29th Annual Hammond Outdoors Sports Show. 'Tis the season for outdoors shows...lately there have been lots of them in the region: boat show, gun show, outdoors shows with campers and RVs and ATVs and fishing boats. Not that we really are that much into outdoor adventures, but it's always fun to look around. But, while the men are examining fishing lures and talking to a taxidermist, I go off to see what kind of food there is.
The concession area didn't have anything special -- the typical stuff like hot dogs and nachos, but there were some vendors on the exhibit floor. One was selling homemade candies. The South Bend Chocolate Factory was also there. The most interesting was the jerky. It wasn't just beef jerky. There were plenty of varieties of jerky and sticks - including venison and boar and ostrich and alligator. I'm not a jerky eater -- for me to bit into a piece, I'd have to be in a life or death Hunger Games-type scenario -- but my boys all devour the stuff. None was feeling much like alligator, though.

On the way out, I also spotted a vendor selling roasted pecans and had to try those. Not bad!