China Chef: Lansing, Illinois

My second oldest son's favorite food in the world is orange chicken. Until he showed such a fondness for it, we really didn't eat Chinese food very often. When we did it was from the same local place we always order from, J's Peapod, which I love. But we haven't tried out other places in years.

For the past couple years I worked as a newborn photographer in a hospital, which required me to transfer any cash collected into a money order, so there is a place on Torrence Avenue that I'd stop at to do that when I needed to. One day when I stopped in there I decided to walk down a couple doors and order some lunch at a place called China Chef. The food was all good and just as expected and I discovered a new favorite beverage, a cantaloupe smoothie.

Soon I was heading over there with my orange chicken-loving son to get some for dinner. With my large order, they threw in a box of green tea bags and wished me a Merry Christmas (this visit was in December)

We have returned another time since then and again enjoyed the orange chicken. I love that they serve a little bit of broccoli with it. you can see it peeking out from underneath.

Throw in some fried rice and we are all happy campers. If you're a fan of Chinese food and are heading along I-94 through Lansing, stop off at Torrence Ave. south and you'll find it just a block down on the east side of the street.