Dublin Pub, Springfield, Illinois

On a trip to Springfield last fall, we stopped at a place called Dublin Pub. It was mainly so I could try their regional specialty called the Horseshoe - it's an open faced sandwich that starts with Texas Toast, followed by the meat of your choice, then French fries, then a creamy cheese sauce - and their variety includes grilled onion and green pepper on top. Here's a visual:

I sampled something from almost everyone else's plate in the family and everything was very good. My husband's Philly Steak.

And a couple of the boys wanted pizza. It's hard to find good pizza when you venture to far from Chicago. This is one place that definitely gets my seal of approval.

These freshly made chips were great.

We had some fried mushrooms for an appetizer. Even those of kids who don't usually like mushrooms scarfed them down and the plate was clean in no time.

Another child's plate - chicken tenders.

And hubby washed down his sandwich with a microbrew from that region - the Rolling Meadows Springfield Wheat Beer. I had to give it a try as I am fond of wheat beers. Good stuff!

Some of the "Shoe" options.