Mancino's - my favorite chicken dumpling soup

As a kid, I was not a fan of soup. With the exception of my mom's potato soup, I just wasn't a soup eater. Now that I'm grown up, I love a good bowl of soup and I love making my own soup. When I was pregnant with my youngest one, I craved soup throughout my pregnancy and I made a lot of trips over to Mancino's in Lansing for a bowl of their chicken dumpling soup.

I believe the chicken dumpling is the regular soup that they offer every day and then they also have a second option that changes. I think in all the years I've been stopping there for soup there was only one time that they were out of the chicken and dumpling and didn't have it. It's my favorite soup and one I know I can stop and get whenever I get a taste for it.

Oh, the sandwich menu there is awesome with lots of "grinder" options.

Here's a shot of dad on one of our visits to Mancino's with a bowl of the chicken dumpling soup. :)

Mancio's Pizza & Grinders
3300 Ridge Road