Pemberton's Candies

At a vendor event this past winter for a service organization that I'm part of, I perused the many tables of products offered by various vendors. I knew I couldn't pass a candy table and not give it a try. Pemberton Candies had this amazing toffee that I really enjoyed and wished that I'd bought more as soon as I took the first bite.

There was a couple sitting behind the table selling their 6 ounce bags and boxed package. I figured it was a retired duo making it up on a small scale in their kitchen. I was impressed that they seem to be up on the technology that makes it easier to spread the word about their product. They have a website, where you can order the products online and there is also a Facebook page for the company. It could very well be that it is just the two of them cranking out candy from their kitchen, but everything from the packaging to their marketing gives an impression of professionalism. The candy sells itself, but it's nice to see the effort made in getting their product out there.

They are out of Lockport, so if you happen to see Pemberton Candies and any area events, be sure to try some English Toffee. And if you don't, consider buying some online as a special gift for someone. I guarantee it will put a smile on their face!