The Horseshoe at Dublin Pub

I love finding yummy items that are specific to a certain region - like the "Horseshoe" Sandwich, or as some of the locals of Springfield, Illinois call it, "The Shoe." I first tried one years ago while visiting my cousin, Cindy, and her family. Cindy lives on a farm a little bit outside Springfield. She whipped up some hamburger patties, made some cheese sauce, heated some french fried and pulled out some Texas toast. It was a delicious combination that was all piled together. I've made it at home the same way on a number of occasions.

I've since written a number of travel articles on the area and I often mention eateries in the area that are known to have a good Horseshoe. When we were there last fall visiting Cindy for a mini reunion, I decided I needed to try one out at a local place. Strangely, many of the eateries are closed on Sundays, which I guess does make sense since it's a capital city that revolves around government facilities, most of which operate Monday through Friday. Anyway, it made it hard to find a place to grab a bite, but we found Dublin Pub and I was glad we did.

This time I tried a Horseshoe with chicken as my meat (you can order it with a variety of meats on the bottom) and it also came with grilled onions and peppers on top - a nice touch. I prefer regular fries to crinkle cut, but it worked out well because those ridges seem to hold in some of that sauce. If you're in that area and want to give a Horseshoe a try, Dublin Pub is a great place to try it out.


  1. That sandwich looks awesome! Definitely need to try it :)

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