Artisan Table: The beverages

Since there was so much to say about the media dinner I attended at Artisan Table a few months ago, I had to  break it down into multiple posts. Last time, I concentrated on the appetizers that we sampled during the cocktail reception. This time, I just wanted to make mention of some of the beverages. This dinner didn't have the wine pairings that are often typical at media dinners. For this one, we were free to try what we liked from the bar. And, as the majority of the foods are locally or at least Midwest produced, the same goes for the beverages.

This little sangria sampler was part of the pre-dinner tasting bar. It was refreshing and fruity and left me wanting more. :)

 Some of the wines offered were from Chateau Grand Traverse. I loved the semi-dry reisling.

I also decided to give the local microbrew a try. The Dog Days variety from Two Brothers Brewing Company in Warrenville, Illinois was impressive. It was mild, light lager - just what I like.

And a shout out to the wonderful staff that made it such a wonderful evening!