Buchanan Sweet Shop

On a visit up to Harbor Country this week with hubby, we stopped in Three Oaks and New Buffalo. I mentioned the town of Buchanan, which isn't far. Hubby had driven through once on the return from a boy scout camping trip and commented on the historic downtown. We decided to take the time to drive over to Buchanan and check it out.

There are some lovely old buildings in the area, some which date back to around 1860. We walked around an old mill that appeared to possibly be a historical museum and peeked in windows and storefront. I spotted a place with a sign on the front that read "Sweet Shop." How could I not stop?

However, we were in for a real treat. Walking through the doors, we saw the old soda fountain and vintage touches. A black and white photo on the menu took you back at least a half-century to that same soda shop and you could see that not much had changed. The place was adorable. Take a look.

Oh, and the ice cream wasn't bad, either. :) We split a turtle sundae.

There's also a candy counter - and they still use that old fashioned scale to weigh to candy!

Be sure to stop for a visit if you're in that area for a nostalgic treat!

The Buchanan Sweet Shop
205 E. Front Street
Buchanan, MI


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