chicken and veggie lunchtime salad

I love to go out to eat for lunch and end up eating out once a week at least, sometimes more if I have work meetings or a lunch date with a friends. When at home, I like to do salads or sandwiches for lunch.

When I make chicken in the crock pot or on the grill, I try to make enough so that there is leftover chicken breast to go on salad the next day. Often there aren't leftovers. However, I also try to keep in the freezer a product I like for salads. It's cooked and diced chicken breast meat from Market Day. It come two bags to a box. Just thaw and it's salad ready.

About a cup of spinach
1 diced roma tomato
handful of baby carrots
1 mini cucumber
1/2 cup of cooked and diced Market Day chicken breast
Tablespoon of gorgonzola cheese
Ranch dressing