Dragon Bowl, Munster, Indiana

Last week, my son and I went to visit my mom and dad at lunchtime. He graduated from 8th grade a week before his brothers got out of school, so it was a chance for the two of us to go all by ourselves. We always play a couple rounds of Boggle when we stop by to visit, so after lunch we played a few rounds.

There's a place right by their house called Dragon Bowl and I picked up an order of orange chicken (my son's favorite) and an order of sweet and sour chicken and an extra order of eggs rolls. The meals I ordered were the lunch specials, so they came with fried rice, an egg roll and a small salad for about $6, which I thought was reasonable, especially since the meals were really enough for two people.

I also got my son a banana smoothie and mom and I split a cantaloupe smoothie. Those cantaloupe smoothies have become my favorite beverage as of late. This one was better than any others I've had.