Georgie's Pizza in Three Oaks, Michigan

If you read this blog often, you've figured out that we spend a lot of time in Three Oaks, Michigan. If you put "Three Oaks" in the search bar on the blog, you'll see that a lot of places come up. We make it up there often in the summer and even in the off-season we like to go up for the day just to have lunch and get away from the busy burbs. Perhaps one day we'll call Michigan home...after hubby retires (He only has 9 years and one month to go - not that I'm counting or anything.)

On one of our visits, we chatted a little with the owner of Georgie's Pizza. It turns out he's a guy from Chicagoland who decided to bring his pizza making skills to Southwest Michigan. I've had the pizza a few times and it can definitely claim to be "Chicago" pizza. So often when we travel, the pizza is mediocre at best once you're out of Chicagoland. In this case, it's made just like you'd get at a pizzeria around Chicago, made by someone who has lived here. And since the area is frequented by many Chicagoans, they know the difference. Georgie's is true Chicago pizza, so if you're spending time in Michigan, this is where you want to go for a taste of home.

I'm a fan of veggies and sausage on my pizza, but this is a picture is of a pizza I grabbed for the kids as we were hanging out in Dewey Cannon Park, which is right behind Georgie's. We noticed another family sitting at a picnic table eating a pizza. Soon the kids were asking for pizza, so we hung out a little longer and ordered some pizza and garlic bread.


  1. For those of us with roots in the south suburbs, a trip to Georgie's is like going back in time. The marinara is sweet, as is the home made Italian sausage. Dave and Loretta capture the essence of the pizza I grew up with in the 60s, at Riverdale Pizza on 138th Street.

  2. I agree, Bill, Georgie's has that same great taste as all those pizza joints of the south burbs. The Chicago Foodie Sisters grew up in Dolton - you might remember some of the same places I enjoyed pizza at growing up -- Damiani's, Artese, Vesuvio's, Italian Fiesta.

  3. please join us for a discussion about south suburban Pizza on the Riverdale Facebook page.

  4. Damiani is the best...Nothing like it anywhere! I'm not far from Three Oaks, so I will definitely check this place out.


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