J's Peapod, Lansing, IL

I'm a fan of Chinese Food. When we get take-out our usual place to order from is J's Peapod, which has two locations in Lansing. I can't say I'm very adventurous in what I order and most often stick with sweet and sour chicken or broccoli and beef or fried shrimp. I'm trying to venture out a bit more, but I don't do spicy, so that eliminates a lot of items on the menu. Recently I was running around picking up and dropping off kids to various places and it was late, but I hadn't had dinner yet. I decided to drop in and get some rice from J's Peapod. I planned on plain fried rice, but changed my mind and went for the combination fried rice, which is loaded with chicken, beef and shrimp. It was a light and satisfying dinner and the rest was great for lunch the following day.