Waldo Cooney's in Lansing, IL

One great thing about living in Chicagoland is the pizza. Great pizza is everywhere. Whenever we travel around and try to test the pizza, we are almost always very disappointed. Nothing seems to measure up to Chicago pizza. While Chicago-style pizza is usually a term reserved for deep-dish pizza, I prefer thin crust and there are plenty of places in and around Chicago with fabulous thin crust pizza.

Lately, I have favored Waldo Cooney's, a chain with a location nearby in Lansing. I love that fresh vegetables are used rather than canned. It makes the pizza so much better! When I order from Waldo Cooney's, I usually get a pizza for the boys with just pepperoni or a cheese stuffed pizza and then the grown-up pizza has sausage, mushrooms and green peppers. YUM!