Dried Apple Slices from Springhope Farms

We visited Springhope Farm in Galien, Michigan for the first time this season. We've been there before to pick peaches and apples. This time we went cherry picking for the first time and had a great time. We picked about 17 pounds in about an hour (that was me, my husband and our four boys.)

After we picked, we looked around the farm stand where we picked up some more goodies, including local honey, Amish peanut butter and these...

They were my 9-year-old's request and at 98 cents, how could I say "no." It's a healthy and tasty little snack I can keep in my purse when we are out and about and he complains that he's hungry. :) If you've never been there, be sure to stop in this season for lots of fresh goodies and flowers. They have UPick cherries available now and next month you can pick your own peaches and apples.