Green River Phosphate

On a recent day trip with my hubby to Southwest Michigan, we ventured out of our usual spot. We often visit the town of Three Oaks to walk around downtown and shop and visit an eatery for lunch. This time we went to nearby New Buffalo for a burger at Redamak's and a walk on the beach. Then we decided to head a little ways out to check out the town of Buchanan. Hubby had been through there before when taking one of the boys to scout camp and we always enjoy checking out little towns together, so off we went.

We stumbled across this adorable nostalgic soda shop in downtown Buchanan. There were pictures on the menu of what the place looked like half a century ago and not a lot has changed. The two of us split a sundae and then I was curious what a phosphate would taste like when I saw it on the menu for just $1.50. Turns out it is nothing more than a soda, but not pre-mixed. They add the flavoring behind the counter. So, I tried out a Green River Phosphate. And I closed my eyes and pretended it was 1957. :)