Big Guy BBQ Chicago Seasoning

So, there's this local guy who everyone calls the "Big Guy." I honestly don't even know his first name. I know there are a couple initials he uses before his last name, but he's just the "Big Guy" to me. And I learned earlier this summer that the "Big Guy" can really cook. If you haven't liked his "Big Guy BBQ Chicago" page on Facebook, check it out here.

On his page, he shares some great recipes and lots of mouthwatering photos of what he and his buddies are cooking up. He's also bottled his own seasoning that will be available for purchase soon, pending the trademark (or whatever the correct term is in relation to cooking.)

One day he was kind enough to drop off a bottle for me to try out. So far, I've used it to rub on ribs and sprinkle on burgers and I have a pot of chili simmering on the stove as I type that has plenty of it added in. It smells awesome! It's a great seasoning blend to spice up your meats and other foods. I'll definitely be buying more as soon as it is available. He's working with a local meat market to have it sold there and it will eventually be available online, too. But, in the meantime you'll just have to take my word (and this picture.)