Hot Diggity Dawg in Chesterton

Last weekend, my friend Shannon and I visited the Chesterton European Market. Shannon mentioned that there was a Taste of Duneland going on that day, also. I just had no clue where it was. So, as we were making our way through the market, we came upon a circle of food vendors and realized we were already at the Taste of Duneland. It was in the same park.

So, when we saw this tent, we we amused by how intently this guy prepared his hot dog. He really took his time and paid close attention to detail. And he used 1/4 pound dogs, so they were big ones! We were so full by the time we hit this tent that we didn't try one out, but everything looked really good! Scroll down for a shot of some of the menu choices! Here he is making the bacon cheddar.