Teavana + Pampered Chef = Perfect Sun Tea

Sun Tea has been a frequent summer beverage in our house. Each year I'd go through a couple of the sun tea dispensers. Either the spout would quit working or start leaking or it would end up with a crack in it. Finally, I decided to substitute the dispenser with my gallon-size Pampered Chef pitcher. It works perfectly.

Also, I recently discovered Teavana and picked up a teaball for making sun tea. This batch has Youthberry and Wild Orange tea along with rock sugar on the bottom. After an hour in the sun, it was ready to drink. Super refreshing on a hot, summer day!


  1. I make tea on the stove every day. I can't believe I have never tried sun tea.

  2. I haven't made tea once this summer. Am I kicked out of the club? I used to make it every day, but living in Ohio I feel uninspired to make where-is-the-sun? tea.


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