Wholesome Fixin's introduced at Cracker Barrel

I have lunch dates often with my dad once the kids are all back in school. Last week was  a trip to Baker's Square. Today we went to Cracker Barrel. On many of my visits there, I order my favorite - the country fried steak. Today, it was lunch-time and I was in the mood for something lighter. I noticed a large sign on the way in with a picture of a buttermilk oven fried chicken breast and sides. I couldn't get that scrumptious image out of my head and that's what I ordered. 

I picked macaroni and cheese and steamed broccoli for the sides. I ADORE steamed broccoli and this was a perfect accompaniment to the chicken which is rolled in corn flake crumbs after being dipped in buttermilk. I loved it. And their mac and cheese is the best! I may have found a new favorite meal there. And the meal was listed as being under 300 calories (but I think that was with just the chicken and broccoli.) I'm sure the pasta added a little more to the calorie count. I also couldn't help but add a biscuit and I washed it down with sweet tea. It was a fun afternoon out, a satisfying and healthy meal and a nice time with one of my favorite guys in the world. :)

And here's a shot of Dad, my lunch buddy. :)