Cabot Cheese offers several flavored cheddars

I was first introduced to Cabot Cheese last spring and instantly fell in love. Cheese is definitely my weakness, not that it's really a weakness because it is good for you, unlike chips, candies, cookies or other foods that are easy to become addicted to. But, everything in moderation and willpower and moderation are difficult when cheese is this good.

Cabot just sent me a box of goodies that I can't wait to try out. The box contained my favorites - Vermont Sharp and Seriously Sharp and also a couple flavored cheese I haven't tried yet, Pepper Jack and Horseradish.

There's a great line of flavored cheddars that come from Cabot, including Chipotle, Garlic and Herb, Tomato Basil, Hot Buffalo Wing and more. One of the flavored cheddars that I have tried that is AMAZING is the Smoky Bacon.

I love that it is a co-op of farmers rather than a big corporation producing it and that 1,200 farming families in New England are bringing this cheese to customers. It's also great that it is so widely available. You can find it in Chicagoland in such places as Jewel, Strack and Van Til, Walt's, Meijer and Sam's Club.

So, if you spot Cabot in the store, be sure to give it a try. I'm telling you, it is pure cheesy Heaven! :) I'll post more as I try out these goodies. I may have to go scan some of the recipes on their site or make up some of my own. I'm thinking the Horseradish will go great on a roast beef panini! :)