Fried Goodies at Holiday World

For the past several years, I've felt a little out of the loop when visiting fairs and festivals because I felt like I was missing out on the deep fried experience. I still have never tried a deep fried Twinkie. Mostly. I never want to spend the money because I know a bite or two will be more than sweet enough and I won't be able to eat the whole thing. And there are usually a lot of other choices, too, and I've just never been willing to sacrifice the grilled sweet corn or bratwurst or other fair fare for a couple bites of fried goodness.

Well, I finally couldn't stand it anymore. On a recent visit to Holiday World for the Halloween Weekends, I spotted a stand with Deep Fried OREOs and at a much lesser price than I'd seen at other places. I believe it was $4.25 for an order. So, I sent my husband for an order figuring we could share. 

I am glad I did share because I was totally correct -- a couple bites was more than enough. In fact I could only eat half of one. I think half an order would be enough to send you into a sugar coma. Since we had four of the kids with us, it was polished off quickly. My husband also got a cup of cream cheese frosting on the side and that really put it over the edge. So, I'm glad I finally got a chance to try out the sweet bites that were enough dessert to last me all day! So, next summer maybe I'll give the Deep Fried Twinkies a try now that someone has taken over where Hostess left off.

And who can resist a funnel cake? :)