Lansing Autumn Fest Second Annual Chili Cook-Off

So last week at Lansing Autumn Fest there was the 2nd Annual Chili Cook-Off. Last year I judged, which was a really fun experience. This year I helped line up some celebrity judges. Because I was at another festival event during the actual judging time, I missed out on tasting and the announcement of winners. But I did drop by during set-up and took a look around and snapped some pictures. There were some really serious chili cooks this time around.

This is my friend, Bob. I did get a little taste of his, which was quite yummy.

And here's Vivian, the organizer of the event.

And here are some of the other cooks getting ready to serve up their chili.

The winner was Debra Hunt of Markham, IL. She won $100 in cash, a trophy and free entry for the ICS Chilly Willy Chili Challenge in Orland Hills, Ill.