Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The restaurant at Fair Oaks Farms

When you stop in to the cheese shop and cafe at Fair Oaks Farms, you likely find more that you would expect. Besides a big section of cheeses and an ice cream counter, there's also the spot where all the sandwiches and salads are made. And there are many to choose from. I haven't taken a bite of anything from the place that hasn't been AMAZING!

One of the boys had a grilled cheese. I always require that I get a little taste whenever we are out eating in a restaurant. This was as gooey as they come!

Another boy got a hot dog. It was good quality with good taste and the pretzel bun gets it some extra points, even if my son does eat it completely plain.

Quesadilla...need I say more. I already pledged my undying love for the cheese and this one is loaded with it.

The Reuben WAS SUPERB! I am picky because I have my favorite place where I get my favorite rueben, but I'm always up for trying the sandwich at a new place and seeing how it fairs. It did well. Very well.

Another boy had a Chicken Ceasar Salad. Very good!

If you go, don't leave without some cheese!

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