Stamper Cheese has a Munster delivery scheduled

The farmer's market in Munster, Indiana is one I visit often during the summer months. Besides all the fresh veggies, crafters and food vendors, a regular there is Stamper Cheese. Well, now that farmer's market season is over, you'll still have a chance to stock up on your favorite cheeses. I got an e-mail today that they'll have a pick-up coming up on November 17 where you can pre-order and pick up at the farmer's market location, the parking lot at Centennial Park on Calumet Avenue.

Take a look at the line-up. Some of my favorites are the Horseradish Chive Havarti and Jack with Morels and Leeks.

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On Sunday, November 17th from 9:15am to 9:30am.

       Near to where the Munster farmers market was held, in the parking lot of Centennial Park.
   Ordering Deadline is noon on Saturday November 9th. Its first come first serve on the more popular cheeses so order right away!

 To Order

     Hit reply to this email and order in half pound increments (ie: .5 lbs Basil Jack, 1 lbs Raspberry Bellavitano, 1.5 lbs Pistachio Logs etc...)

Important: Include your area code and phone number in your email!

 The Rules

    - Please be on time or find a cheese buddy to pick up for you.

    -We will be driving a big white van with "Emergency Cheese Services" decals on the side.  

    -Pay for the cheese when you pick it up. Cash and check only. 

    - Using the prices below you should be able to roughly ''ball park'' the amount due. We'll cut them as close as possible but you may want to bring a little extra money just in case. Also, we will have a cooler set out with other hunks of various kinds should you like to add to your order on the spot.

     Thanks so much!  Dan
 Price per pound           Price per ½ pound
Midnight Moon Goat Gouda                                         $26                             $13
Le Claire's Soft Chevre Goat Cheese                         $6 per container (1/3 lbs)
Dante (1 year old sheep)                                              $25                            $12.50
Evalon Aged Goat Cheese (Raw)                                 $26                             $13

Pleasant Ridge Reserve (Raw)                                    $27                              $13.50

Raspberry Bellavitano                                                $18                               $9
Extra aged Parmesan                                                $18                               $9
Extra aged Asiago                                                     $18                               $9

Gouda lightly smoked in applewood                            $12                               $6
Marieke Mustard Seed Gouda (Raw)                          $22                               $11
Marieke Burning Nettle Gouda (Raw)                          $22                               $11
Marieke 18 month aged Gouda (Raw)                        $22                               $11
Big Ed Farm House Gouda (Raw)                               $18                                $9
Bleu Affinee (Aged Buttermilk Blue) (Raw)                  $18                                $9
Mindoro Bleu (Danish style)                                        $12                                $6
Tilston Point Bleu                                                      $18                                $9

8 year old Cheddar                                                    $24                                $12
4 year old Cheddar                                                    $16                                $8                  
Texochile Cheddar (Chipotles in Adobo)                      $13                                $6.50
7 year Cheddar Blue                                                    $17                              $8.50
White Cheddar w/Cranberry                                        $14                                $7

Jack w/ Opal Basil                                                      $12                                $6
Jack w/ fresh Dill                                                        $12                                $6
Jack w/ Habaneros                                                      $12                                $6
Jack w/ Morels and Leeks                                            $12                                $6

Stettler Amish Swiss                                                   $12                                $6
Nut Sweet Swiss (2 year)                                             $14                                $7

Sweet Cream Havarti                                                  $12                                $6
Horseradish Chive Havarti                                           $12                                $6

Triple Cream Brie With Apricot                                     $23                                $11.50
Triple Cream Brie With Blue                                         $20                                $10

String Cheese                                                            $7/bundle                                  
String Cheese Smoked in Apple wood                          $7/bundle                                  
Pistachio Log                                                              $13                                 $6.50
Fresh Curds Plain, Garlic/Dill,                            $6 per bag
Garlic and Herb Mascarpone                                        $6 per container


  1. Fresh cheese is seriously the best. Did the market have any fresh mozzarella at all? That is my absolute favorite kind of cheese and I use it in almost half of my recipes. I wish I knew of a place near by that delivered cheese.


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