Chocolate dipped marshmallows

I've been having fun with the boys lately making treats in the kitchen. The other night I pulled out a bag of Wilton chocolate disc. We melted them using a double boiler method (small pan inside a big pan with water boiling at the bottom.)

I picked up these festive straws at JoAnn Fabrics that I planned on using for hot chocolate, but they worked great for this. As the chocolate was melting, my son inserted the straws into the marshmallows. I used the oversized marshmallows that I had been using in the fall for s'mores. As soon as the chocolate was melted, the marshmallows got dipped holding the straws, then dipped into various sprinkles that I had put out on paper plates. This was the result. Very festive and fun and can be wrapped up for a cute little gift for friends.