Chocolate dipped pretzels

Last week, my 14-year-old and I were making a batch of chocolate dipped marshmallows - and when we ran out of the straws we were using to put in the marshmallows and then ran out of marshmallows and still had lots of chocolate left, we needed to find other things to dipped. We have made chocolate dipped pretzels on other occasions, which he really enjoyed, so I pulled out a pack of pretzels and he went to town.

Although he doesn't spend as much time in the kitchen with me now that he is a teen, there was a time when he was my right hand man in there. He'd put on his apron and his real chef hat that I picked up for him at Gordon Food Service and he'd go to work. Last year I took him to a library program on candy making and he dipped all kinds of things - cookies, fruits, pretzels and more.

So, with the leftover chocolate, we dipped lots of pretzels and then grabbed a few cookies, too. The sky is the limit when it comes to chocolate dipping. Just like bacon, it makes everything better. :)