Howling Wolf BBQ

So, here's another post that goes back to those lovely warm summer days that we won't be seeing for some time. But, it's a good time for a post because these products are available online and make a great gift for the foodie or grilling fan in your life.

At our trip up to Kenosha back in July, we visited the Taste of Wisconsin and wasted no time trying anything and everything we possibly could. Howling Wolf BBQ was one of the first vendor tents we saw and I gave each of the three sauces a try. The extra spicy was more than my tongue could take, but the original was fabulous and the cranberry orange had a wonderfully tangy taste that I'm sure would make some killer chicken. You can purchase a 3-pack online for $20.25. They also offer a variety of rubs.

Howling Wolf BBQ is based out of Theresa, Wisconsin, so if you happen to be in Southeastern Wisconsin, you may also find it in some stores. Visit the FB page for more information on products and locations and take a peek and their set-up at the Taste of Wisconsin.