Raost beef on a demi baguette with pea sprouts

I love Trader Joe's and I so wish I had one closer. I don't have to eat gluten free and although I like to get organic foods, it's only a small portion of what I buy. I don't go there for the gluten-free and organic products like some do. I just go there because I love the unique products I often can't find anywhere else and I like to see what new things are on the shelf each time I go.

Here's a sandwich I made after my last visit with all the ingredients (except for the mayo from TJ's) - on a demi baguette, Columbus brand seasoned roast beef (love this stuff!!!!), with provolone and organic pea sprouts (these are awesome and it's the only place I have ever found them!) with a little mayo enhanced with garlic and freshly ground black pepper. Oh, my…I need to make a return trip even if it is 40 minutes away!