Guest review: Little Italy, Dyer, Indiana

My friends Karen and Paul dine out quite a bit and they hit some really fabulous places! I haven't had the opportunity to sample Paul's cooking, but he did give me and my son instruction a while back on making chilaquiles and we loved them. You can find the recipe posted on the blog here and here.  And I've tasted a bit of Karen's baking at various meetings and potlucks for a club we are in together. They are a fun foodie couple who enjoys cooking and dining out together.

Recently, Karen posted a picture of her dinner on her Facebook page and I replied that she and Paul should do a guest post for the Chicago Foodie Sisters blog since it was a new restaurant I have not yet been to called Little Italy in Dyer. So, here are their reviews. I can't wait to try it out!

Karen's comments:

The food was great. The pork shoulder melted in your mouth. The rigatoni was very tasty. The sausage was seasoned just right. The Chef came to our table several times and talked to us. You can do small little Italy portions or large Italy to share. We were so full and Chef Andrew insisted we try his dessert. It was a butterscotch pudding with salted carmel and sugar cookies. It was great!!

Paul's comments:

I am so full ... 
The only complain I have is my tea lights candle went out. 
Service 9.8

Appetizer 9.8 (Spinach Artichoke Dip) 
Salad 9.8 with house dressing 
Entree 10 (Pork shoulder with a great sauce and pasta side) 
Desert 10 (Butterscotch pudding with salted Carmel and sugar cookies…Killer!)
Karen had a nice serving of wine ..
Highly recommend


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