Outback Steakhouse offers steaks under $10

In the restaurant chain world, there's a lot of competition, which is sometimes a win for consumers as it creates a need for great offers, like the current promotion at Outback Steakhouse of $9.99 steak plates.  Bloomin' Sirloin, Sirloin with Wild Mushroom Sauce or Sirloin Diablo are the three options, served with fries. Outback isn't a place I visit frequently, but I have enjoyed their food and the steaks are nice cuts and this offer is definitely worth making a visit for.

And have to add in here that I have this crazy habit of thinking that when foreigners visit, I have to show them an Americanized version of the food of their culture. I don't know why. I'm sure visitors coming to Chicago are looking forward to digging in to a big pizza pie.

When my niece and her husband visited from Australia a few years back, I thought a visit to Outback made sense. Of course, he said it's nothing like the food back home, but I guess it was nice to show him our version of what Aussie eating is like. Did the same thing when my sisters exchange student was visiting from Japan. We went out for sushi. And when my husband's aunt visited from Germany, we took her to our favorite place for schnitzel in the suburbs.

Well, I did better on my niece's most recent visit. When we got together for lunch, I suggested a place her little girl might like called Tyler's Tender where there's a little arcade and a train she could ride on. And her Aussie husband ordered a big double bacon cheeseburger. Now that's a taste of America. ;)