Lunch at Produce Depot

As I was running some errands recently at lunchtime, I tried to think of where to stop for a bite while I traveled north on Indianapolis Ave. I knew I wanted to pop into Produce Depot in St. John to pick up some veggies and then I remembered that they had soup. When I stopped in, I also found that had sandwiches, too and that sealed the deal. They didn't have a combo with sandwich and soup and I knew I couldn't eat both, so I went for the sandwich, although I did try a sample of the "Power Green" soup and it was pretty good.

As I ordered my sandwich, I had tons of choices - the bread, the meat, the condiments, the veggies, the side dish. I got mine on foccacia bread. I ordered roast beef with provolone cheese, lettuce, spinach, bell pepper, cucumber, onion, seasoned tomato (FANTASTIC!) with some mustard. My side was fruit. It was the best sandwich I have had in a long time and very reasonably priced. I think the sandwich was  about $5.50 and for an extra dollar I could get a banana smoothie, so I couldn't pass that up. I really wish I lived closer because this would be a regular lunch stop for me. It's about a half-hour drive for me, but luckily I pass it on the way to all of our family's doctor appointments, so every couple months I end up heading that direction. If you are ever out that direction, be sure to stop in for a sandwich, soup, smoothie or all of the above. The produce selection here is fantastic, with lots of organics in stock. A huge walk-in cooler is stocked with fresh herbs at less than half the price I pay at my local grocery store.

I love the cozy eating space!

This is one of the table tops. How cute is that?